Turn your brown thumb green in 5 easy steps…


If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they can’t grow anything, I’d be a…well, I’d have a whole lot of dollars. Gardening is not rocket science. Let me show you how to let your garden essentially grow itself. The first thing all you brown thumb-ers need to do is to get over your fear of failure and open your mind to trying something different.


Follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll almost certainly be eating your own self-grown organic food in no time.


  1. Fill a 10-gallon or larger plant container with any planting mix that has good drainage. I use a bark compost.
  2. Mix in enough time-release organic fertilizer to last the entire growing season. Check your package for details or contact the company. I use Mighty Grow 4-3-4 at 3.8 lbs (7 cups) per 10-gallon container.
  3. Plant your seeds or seedlings.
  4. Beginning about 2 months after planting or at the first sign of insect damage, treat your plant with a neem oil spray. Neem not only protects your plants from many insects but it also prevents and treats a variety of diseases and can be used organically. It’s widely available and should only be needed 2 to 4 times per growing season.
  5. Water as needed. Not sure if it needs it? Dig your hand down into the soil a few inches. If it’s dry it probably needs water. Still unsure? Look at the drain holes. If the soil is dry you definitely need water.


Once you prove to yourself that YES YOU CAN GROW SOMETHING the battle is over and the fun begins. Still have questions? Use the comment section below or contact me through https://www.usvictorygardens.com/.

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