Is it time for Mom to stop hoeing in the garden?


“No matter how hard I try I can’t get my mom to stop hoeing in her garden,” I was told at a recent garden show.

After the laughter subsided, we discussed this very real problem. Many elderly people have worked traditional gardens for years. Though their bodies are no longer able to withstand the physical demands of traditional gardening, their minds and well-being require them to continue. So how can we get our parents and grandparents to slow down but still enjoy their passion? Get them their own Personal Produce Garden. While there are several similar gardens on the market, make sure that you get one with easy access. It should be high enough to limit bending but low enough for wheelchair access should the need arise. Go with containers rather than the standard raised bed garden and you’ll eliminate the need for bending and weeding. A self-watering system will do the watering for them or at least do it during those days when they may feel a little under the weather.

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