My journey to bring fresh, healthy, and safe produce to backyards everywhere began in 2006 amid a flurry of nationwide produce recalls. Having discontinued my own traditional garden a year earlier due to time and labor demands, I believed there had to be a way of providing my family with fresh, healthy and safe produce without the time and labor demands of traditional gardening.

Realizing that many people shared my dilemma or that some may lack the skill or confidence to grow their own food, I began a quest to simplify the growing process and to eliminate the time and labor associated with gardening. This process soon became known as “labor free gardening”.

Since soil quality, space, and even water can be problematic I designed a series of gardens by combining container, raised bed and square foot gardening into self-contained, self-watering, gardening systems. My first successful unit became known as “The Incredible Raining Garden”. In 2011, improvements in efficiency and durability as well as the need to develop a simple to assemble kit led to a design and name change. Our current line of “Personal Produce Gardens” were born.

No bending, weeding, or tilling makes U. S. Victory Gardens’ Personal Produce Gardens ideal for seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone who may lack the time, skill, or stamina for traditional gardening. Their small footprint allows them to fit in even the smallest spaces. Constructed with thick, pressure treated timbers our gardens can last for years. Their ability to be easily protected from frost lets the U. S. Victory Gardener plant earlier in the spring and grow later in the fall.

Several years ago, I began a quest to provide my family and others with safe and healthy produce. Today our gardens are being used in senior centers, nursing homes, schools, special needs camps, businesses, and homes in over a dozen states. They’ve helped raise thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. My greatest satisfaction is seeing the joy that my Personal Produce Gardens have brought into people’s lives.

Ultimately, we would like to lift the spirits and health of people everywhere by reviving the Victory Garden concept that began in World War I and continued during World War II in North America, Britain, and Australia. Like Canada’s Ministry of Agriculture campaign in 1917, and with the help of God and community, U. S. Victory Gardens can be the conduit to provide a “Vegetable Garden for Every Home”.

Mike Stewart
U. S. Victory Gardens, LLC