Personal Produce Garden Kits

U. S. Victory Gardens is bringing homegrown vegetables to backyards everywhere with their self-watering Personal Produce Gardens. By combining the best of container, raised bed, and square foot gardening, home gardeners can now have fresh, healthy, and safe produce right outside their kitchen door. This labor reducing design eliminates the bending, weeding and tilling of traditional gardens and will fit in even the smallest spaces.


Our Personal Produce Garden Kits are simple to assemble and will bring many years of beautiful flowers or healthy and safe produce. Each garden has it’s own vinyl coated metal trellis for climbing plants and a watering system that is capable of watering all six large containers in about 3 minutes. When you include our organic planting mix package with our organic time release fertilizer and an electronic water timer (not included) you can grow your own organic vegetables virtually labor free.


Grow your own fresh, healthy and safe produce without the time and labor of traditional gardening. These American made, self-contained, self-watering Personal Produce Gardens combine container, raised bed, and square foot gardening into compact, self-maintaining gardening systems. No bending, weeding or tilling makes these gardens ideal for seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone with time limitations. Available in 60 and 90 gallon models.