U. S. Victory Gardens DIY Personal Produce Garden Plans give a step by step description with photos of the complete assembly process. Starting with detailed timber cutting instructions and ending with the watering system installation, you’ll be ready to plant your Self-Watering Organic garden in just a few short hours.


Three ways to acquire your plans, choose one of the following:


1. Send a one dollar bill, a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, and your choice of a 60 gallon or 90 gallon plan to:


U. S. Victory Gardens

Attn: Mike Stewart

127 Caribbean Cove

Clinton, MS 39056


No Credit Cards, Checks or Coins please.

International Shipping: In order to ensure that you receive your plans, please include proper postage on your SASE.


2. Credit Card and Pay Pal:

60 Gallon DIY Personal Produce Garden Plans: $5

90 Gallon DIY Personal Produce Garden Plans: $5

Receive a $5 credit towards a future purchase ($50 minimum purchase).


3. Free plans with DIY Personal Produce Garden Kit purchase:

60 gal. Kit: $89.99

90 gal. Kit: $99.99